Eating Disorder

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had problems with my Stomach, resulting in severe Nausea which I experienced 24/7 and I vomited often. My Dad took me to see my Doctor, who diagnosed the start of an Ulcer. Medication was ineffective, so for the next 50 years I was living with this.

I was eventual diagnosed with a condition called ‘Gastro Paresis’ which is a disease of the nerves controlling the muscles of the Stomach which help to grind the food, this results in the stomach failing to empty properly. This cannot be cured by conventional medicine.

In May of the year 2018, I visited my lifelong friend in Florida who is married to Eddie. I told Eddie about my situation and he prayed for me. I was instantly healed after suffering from this condition for over 50 years. Praise God, that I am completely well.

My husband is now concerned that our ‘Food Bill’ is going to increase, now that I have a normal appetite and can eat what I want. Thank you Jesus.

Linda, Scotland.


I have always believed that God allowed me feel sick during my drive out to California in June, 2014 so that I would pull into that La Quinta Inn in Kerrville, Texas and eventually meet Eddie in the next few days and hear about your wonderful healing ministry.

Eddie’s book, “He Healed Them All”, has meant so much to me in dealing with advanced stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer.  When I was diagnosed in August, 2015, the doctors gave me from 4 months to 2 years to live.  That was 32 months ago and recent medical testing shows the cancer in remission with the doctors saying the chances of that are one in many thousands.

I tell them that when you know Jesus and have full and complete faith in the healing power of His stripes then nothing is impossible.  Eddie, I was recently invited to speak at a gathering for Christian women and as a part of my talk I told them about you and Evelyn and your ministry.  I showed them your book and gave them your website address and they were very impressed and wanted to get to their computers to read about your healing ministry. Thank you for your prayers and I remember you daily in my prayers, God bless you!

R.R. California.